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Carry Case for Blue Smart IP65 Chargers

Smart and professional; this new snap shut carry case provides protective stowage and easy transport for your Blue Smart IP65

Fuse holders

Fuse holders   Besides an assortment of ANL, MIDI and MEGA fuses, we feature three different types of fuse holders:

Victron RJ45 UTP Cable 1,8m

The Victron RJ45 UTP Cable 1.8m allows connection to the Phoenix Inverter Control or Interface MK3-USB. A cable to connect

Victron Smart Dongle

The VE.Bus to Bluetooth Low Energy smart dongle is much anticipated and long awaited

Wall Mount for Blue Smart IP65 Charger 12/10,12/15,24/8

This Wall Mount will be especially useful if you like to keep your smart charger handy – above your workshop